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About Us

At the beginning of 2022, Ava Verdant Co. L.L.C started its activity in the field of both cosmetic and edible organic oils and also organic dried fruits.
In the near future,due to its expertise and experience,there will be various products in global markets.
Supplying raw materials of pure oils for producers and providers of the cosmetics and food products is one of the main goals of the company. The oils offered by Ava company are prepared by cold pressing method which has the lowest temperature for extracting oil, in order to preserve all the properties , aroma and color of the fruit,seed or plant.
The company is also supplying dried fruits in 12 flavors.
The products are offered in two types of packaging: 100-gram and bulk.
100-gram packages are sorted by hand and are filled with fruits of high quality.
It should be noted that the fruits have the original taste and are dried in a long-time procedure to preserve the properties of the fruits so the final product will not be very dry and crispy.
The vision of the company is to supply raw materials for the big cosmetics manufacturers in the world.