Extra Virgin Cold Press Oil

Provider of 100% Pure Herbal and Natural Oils by Cold Press Method

Extra Virgin Cold Press Oil

Provider of 100% Pure Herbal and Natural Oils by Cold Press Method

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Why are Cold Pressed Oils Better?

Cold pressed oil is processed at lower temperatures and hence it does not alter the properties of the oil, which contains a higher phenolic and nutrient content than expeller-pressed oil. Cold pressed oils to retain all its flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, making these oils great for cooking and skincare requirements.

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Difference Between Cold-Pressed Oil and Refined Oil

Refined oil extraction uses high heat and chemical solvents, both of which damage the bio-active compounds responsible for the benefits of the oil. The yield in refined oil is higher. To make refined oil appear attractive, it is processed to remove gums (a thick layer that forms in the oil) and then refine it further with acetic acid, hexane or bleaching soda. Sometimes they also do double-refining process. When external heat of around 200 celsius is applied it destroys all the nutrients.
Cold-pressed oil is the oil extracted in its natural form. Oilseeds are just pressed (crushed) to yield out the oil. The method is just pressing, nothing else. Cold pressed oil in its natural form is very healthy with all-natural nutrients and flavour. Cold pressing is more expensive as it takes longer time and produces lower yields – but it is the safest, most natural extraction method.

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